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發佈日期:2014-10-21 02:08:46

1.          任何膚質皆適用,缺乏彈性及光澤時或發現不易上妝時,請即時使用。
2.          具瞬間吸收、不油膩、零負擔特色,有效滲透至肌膚深層,加強長效保濕功能,重現柔嫩彈性膚質。
3.          有效淡化細紋,緊緻拉提早衰肌膚,促進血液循環並修護疲弱受損的細胞,使肌膚水潤細緻有光澤。
4.          可用化妝棉局部濕敷作液狀面膜使用,軟化表皮肌膚增加其通透性,使肌膚更能吸收有效精華,並增加彩妝服貼度。
Features & Functions:
1.          Suitable for all skin types, especially when the skin wanting in elasticity and radiance or difficult to apply makeup smoothly for poor skin condition.
2.          With prompt absorption and non-greasy properties, it replenishes hydrating nourishment into the deep layer of skin and restores skin elasticity.
3.          Effectively smooth fine lines, improve aging conditions, boost blood circulation, and repair damaged skin cells to get glowing complexion.
4.          It can be applied as a facial mask by cotton puff to soften surface, improve skin absorption of nourishment, and keep makeup smooth
Main Ingredient:Sodium, Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Extract…