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發佈日期:2014-10-07 10:00:17

1.          任何膚質皆適用,缺乏彈性及光澤時或發現不易上妝時,請即時使用。
2.          撫平乾燥造成早現細紋,緊緻拉提早衰肌膚,重現明亮潤澤光采。
3.          特效滋養配方,持續使用可幫助肌膚儲存水份,加強保濕能力,使肌膚柔嫩緊緻有彈性。
4.          修護肌膚細胞,提升肌膚自然活力與健康光澤,改善肌膚因壓力、氣候及環境所造成的敏感、暗沉、缺水等狀況。
Features & Functions:
1.          Suitable for all skin types, especially when the skin wanting in elasticity and radiance or difficult to apply makeup smoothly for poor skin condition.
2.          Smooth fine lines caused by dehydration and improve aging conditions to get skin firmness and radiance.
3.          With hydrating nourishment, it improves skin moisture lock and boosts skin tenderness as well as elasticity.
4.          Regenerate skin cells, enhance skin vitality, and improve sensitive, dull or dehydrated skin conditions caused by stress, weather, or other external environment.
Main Ingredient:Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cucumber Extract, Sweet Almond Oil…