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發佈日期:2015-10-15 05:45:11


1. 適用於乾燥、早衰、鬆弛、無彈力、老化皺紋型…等肌膚。
2.使用與『海洋拉娜』賦活再生發酵精華(Cellulosomes® Eryngium)同樣的成份,含海洋植物幹細胞萃取,激活細胞活躍的再生動力,喚起細胞吸收養分的感應力。
3.海洋拉娜Max Huber實驗室全力研發出創新的抗老護膚保養品-「賦活再生精萃」,添加海洋植物幹細胞所提煉出來的全新抗老成分-賦活再生發酵精華(Cellulosomes® Eryngium)。海洋植物濱刺芹擁有超強的生命力及對抗惡劣環境的抵禦力與抗壓性,Max Huber實驗室擷取其根部及芽苞幹細胞,透過實驗室培養與研發,終於發展出全新強大抗老成份-賦活再生發酵精華(Cellulosomes® Eryngium),與Max Huber博士所創造的傳奇經典-海洋拉娜乳霜裡的濃縮精華(Cellulosomes® Eryngium)一致。

Features & Functions:
1.Suitable for dehydrated, premature aging, sagging, wrinkle and non-elasticity skin.
2.The same ingredient as The Regenerating Ferment™(Cellulosomes® Eryngium)of LA MER: Extracted from stem cells of marine plants, it revitalizes skin cells and boosts skin absorption of nutrients.
3.Fortified with Regenerating Ferment™(Cellulosomes® Eryngium)extracted from stem cells of marine plants, the breakthrough anti-aging treatment has been created by Dr. Max Huber of LA MER. Based on Eryngium Maritimum’s properties of great vitality and defense against adverse environment, Dr. Max Huber extracts from the stem cells of root and heterospory and develops this active and comforting skincare, The Renerating Ferment™(Cellulosomes® Eryngium)which improves aging skin condition. Over time, a firmer, more lifted, beautifully ageless look appears.