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Everything starts with trial production. First, our salespersons will have a meeting with customers to know the wants and needs of customers, and then we provide trail samples to customers.

Delivery date depends on the design contents and production schedules.

We have abundant product production experiences to satisfy the expectations and product orientation of customers throughout the entire process from desire communication, requirements negotiations to final product commercialization. The partnership we promote is ODM actually, which stems from OEM model and adds the concept of aggregate planning and design. We coordinate all the steps from product design, internal contents to packaging with the spirit of being and offering the best.

We give perfect shape to the production system geared to requirements and needs of individual customer in the shortest time.

Everything starts with trial production. Our salespersons will have a meeting with customers to know their wants and needs at first, and then we offer trail samples to customers for testing.

Flowchart Description

There is a life cycle of merchandise, so to seize the timings of product launching is a key lesson. In order to help customers get top grades in this lesson and make profits from it, we always provide the latest and most valuable market massages and sales information to our customers.