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Beauty Info of Caffeine

Issue Date :2014-03-19 06:18:09

Beauty Info of Caffeine
Caffeine has become a popular ingredient in today's skin care products.Many of international renowned cosmetics companies, e.g. CLARINS, L’ORÉAL and OLAY have launched a series of toner, serum, cream, eye cream, body lotion and exfoliating scrub with caffeine.
Applied to skin, caffeine may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce puffiness, redness, dark circles and even fine lines by draining excess lymph fluid. It may temporarily improve dimpled skin, reduce cellulite and contribute to the appearance of a tighter tummy or skinnier thighs.
NEW FINE BIO-TECH COSMETIC CO. LTD.is the professional OEM, ODM and OBM manufacturer in the cosmetics industry in Taiwan. Safety and quality is our first priority; therefore, we only take natural material from international well-known factories and never add any substances or ingredients which might cause harms or negative impacts to users.