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Beauty Info of Bee Venom

Issue Date :2014-02-27 11:14:15

Bee venom has been a new anti-wrinkle treatment in the world of cosmetics.
Bee venom boosts collagen production and revitalizes skin cells to reduce fine lines as well as wrinkles and get the firming effects by its active ingredients of Mellitin, Hyaluronidase, Amino acid etc.
Bee venom has been dubbed the “natural alternative to Botox” for its ability to moisturize and lift the skin, suitable for aging, sagging, wrinkle, dull or acne skin types.
Caution: If you have had serious allergic reactions to bee stings, we recommend consulting your doctor before using our Bee Venom products. Avoid the eye and lip areas.
NEW FINE BIO-TECH COSMETIC CO. LTD.is the professional OEM, ODM and OBM manufacturer in the cosmetics industry in Taiwan. Safety and quality is our first priority; therefore, we only take natural material from international well-known factories and never add any substances or ingredients which might cause harms or negative impacts to users.